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Somerset Association Management

Dec 5, 2016
Associa Company
Exceptional and outstanding are the only words needed to describe the many years of service provided by Associa to our condominium community.Joe Price, in collaboration with his very knowledgeable and customer friendly Associa team have been able to greatly streamline and maximize the efficiency of our community management function.One of Associa�۪s greatest strengths is in their ability to truly listen to the needs of our community and then act upon those needs.However, and even more importantly, it is the honesty and integrity of the all the people within the Associa organization that stands above all others within the industry!\n\nBernie Anderson - Director\nWatermarke Community Association, Irvine, California
Nov 30, 2016
Associa Company
The French drain and patio are finished at my condo. Kudos to Gary, Redding office, for hiring Lahr Const. They did a fantastic job! Looks better than we ever imagined! Also, Gary came out to see that the job was complete. And to see if anything else needed to be done. He also informed me that any future problems will be handled in a TIMELY manner and he will see to it personally. "Thank you" to all Associated for your help.
Nov 29, 2016
Associa Company
I was employed by Rampart Properties at the time Associa acquired the company in 2014.I have an issue that requires proof of insurance. I am retiring this year and have applied for Medicare and will be refused Part B unless I can prove having employee coverage back to 2006. Associa will only state coverage as of the date they acquired Rampart which is 2014.\n\nThe record produced by you today will only back date to 2014, which is when you took over Rampart Associates in St. Petersburg, FL 33702.\n\nI need a certificate of creditable coverage during my tenure with Rampart back to January of 2006.\nBy law you're required to retain the records for acquisitions.\n\nI have called and left a message with the Benefits department (vmail) with Sandra.\n\nPlease call me at 727-439-0769.\n\nI am under the gun because I need to submit this by 12-05-16. so I need this by 12-01-16.\n\nIf the above email does not work please forward to\n\nThanks,\nRaymond Yedowitz
Nov 18, 2016
Associa Company
Good Morning,\n\nJust wanted to touch base with you if you have changes to your current security detailsor any new security requirementsfor static guarding, mobile patrol or emergency alarm response services at your current or \n\nfuture managed properties and developmentprojectsin Calgary. At Dominion, we provide reliable, professional and extremely affordable service that fits all budgets. Please visit us at \n\ or feel free to contact us for more details on our security services, rates and industry specific clients references. \n\nWe look forward to hear back from you and thank you kindly for your timely response.��_ I�۪m Here to Help You!\nHave a Great Day!\nBest Regards,
Nov 11, 2016
Associa Company
how can I get monthly statements?\n. why are they not accessible online?

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