Las Vegas, NV

Associa Nevada South Revives Once-Broken Community

This 532-unit community is located in Las Vegas, NV. The community features a mix of condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes and has been managed by Associa Nevada South since January 2021.


The community had faced many deferred maintenance issues—the landscaping was dying, perimeter iron fencing had become a safety hazard, asphalt and concrete required significant repairs, and there was a lack of lighting. On top of these serious issues, before Associa Nevada South's partnership, the community was financially unstable, didn't have an approved budget, and only two residents served on the board of directors.



Within the first three months of managing the community, the Associa Nevada South team obtained bids for all new vendors, resolved maintenance issues, added lighting, and set up a walk with the builder and the board. After the one-year management contract renewal, the community had:

·      Upscale entryway landscaping

·      Repaired gym & pool

·      24-hour security-controlled community access

·      Parking enforcement

·      Enhanced common area and entryway lighting

·      Renovated landscaping

·      New perimeter fencing


The Associa Nevada South team also worked with the board to host monthly events and bring the once-broken community together. Residents now know one another, are actively involved in board meetings, and share valuable feedback.


Thanks to the partnership of Associa Nevada South, the once drab and unmaintained community is now the best-looking in the area.Management continues to identify areas of concern and address them immediately, educate the board, and provide resources to ensure successful community leadership.

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