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Monroe, WA

Associa EMB Management Helps Repair Roofs for Condominium Association

This 72-unit condominium association is located in rural Monroe, Washington. Associa EMB Management has been managing this community since November 2018.

The community’s metal roofs had been installed incorrectly, leading to venting and flashing issues that allowed water to enter attic spaces. This caused costly damage to top-floor units.


Associa EMB Management community manager Lisa S. partnered with a roofing company to investigate the issues. Once venting and flashing problems were identified, she worked with the board to approve the replacement of the metal roofing. This new composite roofing would prevent future warranty issues and save the condominium association money. The composite roofs have now been installed, and the association saved $40,000 thanks to Lisa S. and Associa EMB Management.

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