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Our 37 years of community association and property management experience have taught us that exceptional service helps communities thrive. As the industry leader in community management, we are dedicated to providing the very best resources to associations, property owners and residents with a full suite of management, maintenance and real estate services to meet most any need.

Homeowner Association & Property Management Services


Management Services

We help manage homeowner associations and communities of all sizes by doing everything from negotiating service contracts and communications to fee collections and financial reporting.

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Maintenance Services

We provide a vast array of community maintenance services and resources for homeowner associations and property managers to ensure your neighborhood is well maintained even in emergency situations.

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Real Estate Services

We have the services, contacts, technology and know-how to guide you through the real estate sales, leasing and property management process.

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Latest Client Reviews

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Jul 20, 2017
Associa Company
Angelita Villanueva did such a great job with helping me with what I needed. I enjoyed my time talking to her not only because she was helpful, but because I can tell she actually cares about what she does. I can't thank her enough
Jul 20, 2017
Associa Company
Dear Mr. Carona:

I hope this comment reaches you in connection with your appearance on Undercover Boss that I just re-watched today. While I'm sure you have received numerous positive feedback, I wanted to take a moment to add my comments about how heartwarming and touching your appearance was to me. You came across as someone who really cares about your employees with your donations to Madd and the worker from Haiti and especially to Queen with a gift to assist her brother in law and for her to take a vacation. I was impressed with Associa's website that included Associa University and Associa Cares. Having been in the facilities management field for most of my career, I know the importance of having a team that does the job correctly and can be depended upon for loyalty to the company. From your appearance on Undercover Boss, it appears that you feel the same way.

Thank you for a very touching episode of the show and a better understanding about Associa.


Marc Rubin
Jun 30, 2017
Associa Company
Always love working with Associa Gulf Coast because I know our estoppels will always come back on time and they are always very helpful whenever we have any questions or concerns!

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