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Beaverton, OR

Blue Mountain Community Management Assists with Community Roof Replacement Project

This 64-unit condominium community is located in Beaverton, Oregon. Blue Mountain Community Management, An Associa® Company, has been managing the community since 2011.


The community needed to replace all its roofs but did not have the funding to complete the project. Additionally, due to the long rainy season in the area, timing was a concern, and work needed to happen quickly.


The Blue Mountain Community Management, An Associa® Company, team used their purchasing power to get the best roofing deal from a vendor willing to start the project while funding was being obtained. Then, the community manager quickly found a banking partner to fast-track a loan and get the vendor paid. In the end, the roofing vendor was able to finish the project before the next rainy season thanks to the Blue Mountain team’s connections and hard work.

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