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Associa Mexico Improves Community’s Aesthetics

These oceanfront condominiums are located on a beautiful resort property that features a golf course and an elegant spa. There are nine buildings comprised of 80 units. The residents vary from nationals who live on the property year-round to full-time expats and foreigners who have invested in a condo as a vacation spot and or an investment property.


The community has had the same landscape and maintenance staff for over 15 years. Without innovative ideas for improvement projects to accommodate the increase in homeowners, renters, and weather changes, the aesthetics have been negatively affected.


The recently elected board of directors decided that an Associa Mexico on-site community manager would be the best fit to assist with community advancements. The community manager focused on security and improvements to aesthetics in common areas first. The community manager hired, trained, and supervised the landscape and maintenance teams quickly to move forward with the changes. He also purchased new tools, implemented schedules for activities and work orders, and began holding weekly meetings to discuss progress, needs, and ideas.

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