Shape Your Legacy with Associa Capital

Providing the best terms to community management and other service firms seeking acquisition.
Across the service industry, realty management and related companies are seizing the opportunity to become part of a bigger, more resourceful, professional family. Associa Capital is here to help you think through this important possibility.

About Associa Capital

Associa Capital is a privately owned and operated company. It isn’t publicly traded nor backed by private equity. With more than 44 years of experience and a growing portfolio of businesses, we’re proud to be the largest purchaser of community management and related service companies in the industry.

What sets Associa Capital Apart

Associa Capital can keep your company thriving for years to come. We offer maximum valuations and close transactions promptly—and we always keep our word.
  • Proven track record with over 200 successful acquisitions
  • Solid financial backing
  • Efficient deal process with simplified due diligence
  • Highly competitive financial returns and immediate payouts
  • Preservation of your company and legacy
  • Smooth integration processes, assuring no disruptions to staff and client base
  • Professional development opportunities for employees wishing to advance their careers

The Associa Capital Difference

Having built a respected company, we value your years of hard work and can tailor a future that meets your goals. Whether you prefer to remain invested in your company long-term or are working towards the next chapter of your life, we know we can guide you to a better tomorrow.
01 Community
We offer an array of solutions to provide nothing short of an exceptional experience for your clients and staff.
02 Systems & Technology
We invest in advanced technology to optimize our efficiency, productivity, and above all, security.
03 People
Alongside your existing staff, we hire and retain the best, most qualified people, and every team member is armed with tools to make a positive impact.
04 Five-Star Customer Service
We train all personnel in the importance of quality customer service, efficient follow through, and unsurpassed hospitality.
Let your legacy become part of ours!