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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions for Managed Communities

Communities worldwide put their trust in Associa’s expertise. That’s why we’re committed to providing the most advanced and secure technology in the industry. We’re also committed to providing thorough and transparent details about our technology suite so that our clients understand exactly how our technology impacts their community’s bottom line. Our technology offerings empower clients to experience community their way—whether it’s through seamlessly integrated software, tools for every communications need, or platforms for managing their community any time on any device. Associa’s data technology solutions work for our clients every day, and they can work for your community, too.


Our physically secure data center hosts your community’s information within a storage facility, and complies with local ordinances concerning data protection. This means you can rest assured that we have numerous safeguards that prevent unauthorized access to your data.

  • Multiple layers of security with constant surveillance and Biometric Access Control
  • Housed in a nearly indestructible bunker
  • Reliable backup power sources
  • Multiple communication providers
  • And more


To maximize the security of your sensitive information and your assets, we’ve built our suite of technology solutions on the foundation of security and protection of funds, transparency and efficiency. To meet these requirements we rely on our two main software systems: C3 (Complete Control for Communities) and AvidStrongroom.



C3 is our proprietary enterprise management software that tracks the full spectrum of key community operations. C3 integrates with our internal systems to give employees, homeowners and board members the appropriate levels of access to the vital data they need, including:

  • Financial management
  • A/R and A/P
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • And more



When it comes to payment processing, with Associa, you know that enterprise-level verification measures have been taken before money ever leaves your accounts. For this, we use AvidStrongroom, a best-in-class product that provides both unparalleled safety and convenient, secure access to your information with:

  • Complete data protection
  • Centralized invoice processing
  • Automated invoice approval workflows
  • And more


When managing a community, it’s important that all key stakeholders — including board members, community association managers, maintenance teams, attorneys, and residents — have easy access to the information they need and the ability to communicate with one another seamlessly. Associa offers a suite of services designed to provide custom access for every member of the community, making it easy for your key team members to keep your community running smoothly.



TownSq combines the social and administrative aspects of community living and helps you connect with your neighbors, collaborate with your management team and stay up-to-date on community happenings – any time on any device. It’s designed to help you access the resources you need for better community living, all through one user-friendly mobile app.



Our new community websites are integrated with TownSq for a convenient, all-in-one community living experience. Promote your community with a completely custom, mobile-friendly website while providing seamless access to TownSq for board members and residents. Community websites are fast and easy to create and update.



The Vendor Access Portal gives your trusted vendors a centralized, easy-to-use interface where they can verify documents such as tax and insurance forms, invoices, and contracts; process payments efficiently and securely; and gain visibility with your board members and homeowners.



Storing important HOA documents can take up space and finding them can take up time. Community Archives frees up your space and time by providing no-hassle document retrieval. Our real estate document solution delivers critical property information to Realtors®, title companies, attorneys, mortgage lenders and homeowners.

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