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Get the documents your lender needs to refinance your home

Get the documents your lender needs to refinance your home

If you’re an owner in an Associa-managed property looking to refinance your home, we can help you get the documentation your lender needs to facilitate the process. Your lender will need certain information about your account for your HOA and may also need additional information about the community.

Community Archives offers products specifically for owners looking to refinance. These two products include:


This details what you, as the owner, owe and what your future obligations will be to the HOA. If your lender requests information about your HOA account, you can purchase a Refinance Statement of Account at the link provided below. It includes all the information your lender should need about your account.


Other information about the community, including any current or pending special assessments, occupancy information, delinquency information, overall financial health of the community and more is provided in a Lender Questionnaire. It includes any additional information a lender needs about a community. Your lender can use the link below to place orders for a Lender Questionnaire. Your lender may also send their own custom questionnaire, which we will complete for them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Community Archives customer service at (833) 544-7031 or email customerservice@communityarchives.com.

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You can download Adobe Acrobat here.

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