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Associa Develops Successful Leaders through the UP Leadership Development Program

December 08, 2020

Dallas, TX — December 8, 2020—Associa, the industry’s largest community management company, offers employees the valuable opportunity to pursue ongoing leadership development and continued career growth through the UP Leadership Development Program, a two-tiered high potential program designed to develop Associa’s next generation of leaders.

As the global leader in association management, Associa is proud to have a dedicated management team that brings decades of experience and industry knowledge to provide the highest level of service to client communities. In an effort to continually cultivate the best leaders in the industry, Associa developed the UP Leadership Development Program in 2016, which targets high-potential employees for company growth and equips them with the tools and resources they need to advance their careers. Participants of the UP Program learn how to develop their own leadership style focused on Associa’s leadership competency model, improves their strategic management skills, and prepares them for the next step in their leadership journey.

Level one of the program is a self-paced plan for employees who have the ability, organizational commitment, and motivation to rise and succeed in mid-level leadership positions at Associa. Rooted in the principles of employee morale and the dedication to employee development, level one participants create a personal leadership path, learn to identify their own growth opportunities, and make purposeful choices about planning their growth as an Associa leader.


Level two of the program is an eight-month developmental process designed to target key leaders in the organization and determine their readiness to take on greater levels of responsibility. Participants at this level continue to improve their personal leadership style and strategic planning skills. Level two participants are encouraged to be inspirational change leaders, taught to build and manage strong teams, empowered to explore solutions for challenges across the organization, and instructed to communicate at all levels. During level two, participants are also assigned a culminating project regarding a specific business issue, such as employee onboarding or technology enhancement, to present to Associa’s executive leadership at the company’s annual leadership summit.

No matter what level of the program they participate in, Associa team members graduate from the UP Program with a personalized leadership plan and an understanding of how to drive employee and client engagement in the industry. The UP program also aligns participants with other Associa team members across the organization, providing networking opportunities and relationship building as employees go through the program together. This offers them the chance to draw connections and build a network of colleagues who can help one another when problems arise. While the UP Program is an internal education tool, its impact is felt throughout Associa’s operations.

“How you carry and conduct yourself as a leader internally creates an external impact that affects our clients, residents, and communities,” stated Eli Crenshaw, CMCA®, AMS®, Associa Arizona president and former UP Program graduate. “The UP Program prepares the next class of Associa leaders to drive engagement, use recognition and communication to motivate teams, and embody Associa’s core values of family spirit, integrity, loyalty, customer service, and innovation. This program teaches participants how to best serve our clients by instilling the leadership qualities needed to guide a successful team confidently and deliver consistent services to our communities. It has been a vital part of my continued career growth, and I am grateful for the unique opportunity to be a part of the program.”

Mr. Crenshaw has been a valued Associa team member since 2007. He entered into the UP Program in 2018 as the vice president of operations in Nevada. He graduated from the program and was soon promoted to branch president of Associa Arizona with the skills he obtained.

With more than 200 branch offices across North America, Associa delivers unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to nearly five million residents worldwide. Our 10,000+ team members lead the industry with unrivaled education, expertise and trailblazing innovation. For more than 40 years, Associa has provided solutions designed to help communities achieve their vision. To learn more, visit www.associaonline.com.

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