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Vancouver Takes Surrey on Grouse Grind

July 30, 2013

Surrey, BC - By David Pyper, Team Leader, Vancouver

The Baywest Grouse Grind Challenge was held on Friday, June 28. The Grind (also known as Mother Nature’s Stairmaster) consists of a 2.9 km hike with a total of 2,830 stairs to the summit. The Vancouver Office beat the Surrey Office with an average time of 69 minutes over 71 minutes.

Team Vancouver gave it everything they had, with David Pyper, David Chiarello and George Nicolaou all registering their best times ever. Frank Wood suffered a knee injury early on, and then showed incredible determination and dedication by continuing up the mountain to help secure the victory for his team. Team Surrey, led by Rob Douglas, and featuring speedsters Sylvien Mak, Laszlo Antal, Daryl MacLeod, Zora Chen and Miguel Vivanco also put in a solid performance.

On the individual side, the top 3 finishers overall were Daryl MacLeod (41:45), David Pyper (43:24) and David Chiarello (57:18).

A fun time was held by all. Congratulations to all the participants.

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