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HSCC 438 HOA Case Study

Oakville, Ontario, Canada
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HSCC 438 HOA Case Study

In 2017 the board approved a partial roof replacement to the area where the HVAC equipment was located for *$37,000. Flynn Canada completed this replacement in November 2017.


Roof leaks were reported in three units on the 6th floor.

A decision had to be made to repair or replace the roof this year. As per the Reserve Fund Study, the roof was not projected for a full replacement until 2023, so funding was also a concern.    It was understood the roof area from 2017 had to be removed because the roofing contractors said they could not assume warranty on another roofing company’s work.

In the spring of 2019, MRCM obtained a few quotes to see how much the replacement of the roof would cost. Flynn Canada provided a quote at *$371,148, and Detail Roofing provided their cost at *$395,788. Both quotes had a 20-year warranty. AOC was prepared to quote, but they wanted to have an engineer specification for this large project before submitting the proposal.

At this point, the board decided to engage with their engineer to provide a scope of work and consider a sloped roof design.  The board was concerned that the existing flat roof design, low parapet perimeter, and minimal roof drains would still contribute to potential leaking in the years to come. A sloped roof design would ensure it would not leak and drain properly in the future.

A new roof design-build proposal from RJC Engineers was provided to the roofers to re-quote. 

Flynn Canada did not respond to the request, and Detailed Roofing quoted *$676,305. 

The board could not afford the new cost that included the sloped roof, so it was back to the drawing board. MRCM asked the engineer to change the roof design-build with no slope.  

What happened next was a surprise and unexpected, as the roofers said that they could not offer a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer, SOPREMA, without a slope design.  

A 20-year warranty was one of the most important specifications that the board wanted, and not having it was an option that the board did not want to consider.  The project was falling apart. 


TREMCO (a roofing material manufacturer) was contacted to discuss the project and the warranty requirements the board wanted for their roof replacement. 

TREMCO offered a 20-year warranty and agreed to prepare the tender. TREMCO provided three quotes for the board to review, and they met with all three roofers before the submission of tenders.

The following quotes were provided to the board for their consideration and approval:

Atlas/Apex Roofing *$483,625

Flynn Canada *$373,662

AOC (MRCM) & Hamati Roofing Ltd *$360,780

AOC (MRCM) & Hamati Roofing Ltd were awarded the contract. Gillian Carter, MRCM Property Manager and Mark from AOC, attended all board meetings regarding the roof project.

MRCM & AOC provided the board with a level of security and assurance that MRCM in partnership with Associa OnCall was the best value for their dollar.  TREMCO’S 20-year warranted system, Maple Ridge Community Management, AOC, and its sub-contractor partner, Hamati Roofing, delivered the roof the board wanted. AOC & Hamati stand behind their workmanship and commitment to the corporation. 

The work started in April 2019 and has been successfully completed. 

* All prices outlined in this summary include HST


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