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Larimer Place Condominium Association Case Study

Denver, Colorado, United States
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Larimer Place Condominium Association Case Study

In 2018, we took over the professional management of Larimer Place Condominium Association and partnered with the board of directors.


We found there was a lack of transparency and trust between the on-site staff/management and the community. Since then, we have worked to build the relationship around trust and transparency to provide the best partnership possible.


1. Reinforcing the confidence and trust in the on-site manager and Associa were the hardest issues to overcome. We all know that the turnover in this business is inevitable, but it took a few months of being on-site to build a relationship with the residents and the board. I have found that that relationship building has been the most important aspect of gaining the trust and confidence from the community. Following through, doing what you say you will do, responding promptly, and having an open-door policy has also helped strengthen our on-site presence.

2. Project Tracking/Maintenance Organization: It’s very important to have a solid foundation and a team atmosphere with the on-site building engineer. It can seem like the on-site staff are on their own island with no support. We made it a point to have regular meetings with the team and routinely follow up on all outstanding projects. After taking over the management in 2018, we learned that maintenance projects seemed to take a long time and things appeared unorganized. We have taken measures to showcase our systems and get organized so our board members will be confident that we have everything handled. Proactive communication and status updates have proven to eliminate the board’s concern with our status on numerous projects.

3. Consistent and Proactive Service: At Larimer Place, implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) among the concierge team has been a key point of success. Our concierge teams are the face of the community and the front lines of defense! We make it a point to get to know each team member personally and let them know we are there for them. The strong team atmosphere we have successfully implemented derived from allowing each voice to be heard. The board has expressed their appreciation and gratitude for a team that works very well together.

4. Dreaded Financials and Past Issues: We have made it a priority for our on-site general manager to regularly visit our main office in Denver and build a cohesive relationship with the assigned accounting specialist for Larimer Place. When we took over Larimer Place, the financials were not in clean standings or a desirable place. We have worked with the Denver accounting staff to fix all outstanding issues and now provide the well-drafted financials that Larimer Place deserves. The process of correcting past financials took a total of five months. We know it took some diligence and follow up, but we ALL worked together, and the board and finance committee are very happy.

5. Open Door Policy: When we began managing Larimer Place, one of the biggest complaints we received was that previous on-site staff worked with the lights off, the office door closed, they and didn’t appear available to the residents. Our on-site team has worked to keep the lights bright, the doors open, and always be available for the needs of the residents. A smiling face, warm greeting, and strong relationship are very important on-site. It is invaluable to take time out your day to stop working and make idle chit-chat with residents. As the on-site professional management company, it’s been very beneficial for us to build these relationships with every single homeowner. In our experience, when a general manager or other staff member falls behind on tasks, forgets to call someone back, or doesn’t return an email, an established and personal bond with that homeowner can make a difference in how these situations can sometimes escalate or be handled.

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