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Aug 15, 2018
Associa Company
We are 'new' condo owners. "new" meaning "new" to the community of Bear trap Dunes in Ocean View, DE and "new" to the whole"rip off condo thing! As a realtor of over 20 years in MD; I have heard more bad raps than good ones about dealing with the condo "GODS" and " they never respond UNLESS its to tell you that you owe more money or there is a violation. AND then there is our ANGELA HOWELL. omg. First month, I CALL or email trying to figure things out...who does what and what or where should I go for this. Tiny things....the bus schedule, pool hours, passes.....normal stuff. Then year two, we ramp it up....water pouring into our screened deck and exterior ceilings drooping with water. Pretty big deal as its near electric. She deals with it quickly and kindly. We get hornets nests...who takes care of that? She did. But year three was the Angela and her team get the triple gold medal. While in Germany on a Friday AFTER hours we get irate texts. All our toilets and bathtubs are overflowing with the 'brown " stuff. We freak out. We are in Germany. We had just left the condo and all was good. Tennant is rightfully extremely angry and let us and front desk know. We call emergency number and a plumber. I would say with in 30 minutes we realize that this is not "clogged toilets. Major sewr break under our unit. Angela had her crew out immediately. I would bet they were there for hours. Mitigation started IMMEDIATELY. Owners were notified in person or by phone. We were continually kept in the loop. Not once did she "blow me off". This was a huge big deal. She got me in touch with the head foreman when the re-construction began. I think I talked to him or Angela daily. We did lose 2 weeks rental BUT we know that this woman KNOWS her job. =We are amazed how responsive she was a this very very bad big deal. She only hears complaints. That is a fact. This woman is a gem and your company and the community needs to know how lucky we are! Joy and George Jarboe 62G October Glory Ave 410-259-4400 ps. Monday a renter called to say there was 3 wasp nests on our back uncovered porch. Tuesday she had a pest company get rid of them. Id say she is pretty amazing.
Aug 2, 2018
Associa Company
My review is express my sincere appreciation to Ms. Roksana Weaver, Potomac Club Owners Association. I purchased my townhouse/condo in June 2017. The first day I walked in Ms. Weaver's office she greeted me with a smile and quickly resolved my issue. She was very pleasant, professional and she listened patiently for me to explain my concern. After she addressed my concern, we started chatting and then I learned that she was leaving for her vacation. But, I would not have guessed that she was almost on her vacation. Her actions and concern for my problem was number one on her mind, not her vacation. Some people would have rushed to get you out of the office or said I'm leaving in a few minutes, etc. But not Roksana! She provided excellent service that day and it continues to this date!! I stopped by her office twice this week with questions. She smiles, listens and acts. She is the glue that holds everything together for all of the residence in Potomac Club. She understands the importance of providing excellent service and I have witnesses it EVERY time I enter our clubhouse. Not just the service she provides to me, but to all who enters her office. I'm not sure where this survey will go, but whoever Roksana's boss/supervisor is, you should know that we (Potomac Club residents) are fortunate to have her. Thank you.
Jul 18, 2018
Associa Company
I want to take this opportunity to provide input on Ms. Debbie Carter, the General Manager for the Westridge Swim and Racquet Club, Inc. I spent 22 years in the U.S. Army, 23 years in the private sector, and have served on homeowners’ association boards for close to 20 years. I currently serve as President of the Westridge Board of Trustees. It’s easy to say simply that she is the best general manager I’ve ever seen or worked with. But what I want to expound upon is why I believe that. These are the values I believe she has and what make her the best general manager I’ve worked with – and there have been several. Loyalty – The first is loyalty or bearing true faith and allegiance to the organization she works for – her company and the HOA she supports. She has shown time and time again that she is always and uncompromisingly loyal to both. She totally supports the leadership and stands up for fellow workers and our board members. Duty – She also has a high sense of duty – always fulfilling her obligations to her company, our community, and our board. She always works as part of the team. She will never take shortcuts and always seeks to do the harder right rather than the easier wrong. Respect – She is the first to treat people as they should be treated, regardless of the situation or circumstances. Her respect for others is what allows us to appreciate the best in other people. Selfless Service – This might be the greatest quality she possesses. She always puts the interests of others – HOA members and the Board of Trustees before her own. Her selfless service is displayed daily through her commitment to go a little further, endure a little longer, and look a little closer to see how she can add to the effort. Integrity – She has displayed the highest sense of integrity by adhering to a set of core moral principles. She will do and say nothing that deceives others which has gained her the fullest measure of trust from everyone she serves.
Jul 10, 2018
Associa Company
I have been in my condo building for over a decade. Across the last year our new Community Manager, Steve Ludden, has done an outstanding job in upgrading the level of service, maintenance and onsite amenities. He contracted a top to bottom inspection to ensure the health of the building, which included a five year plan to address maintenance issues before they become an emergency. He is responsive to inquiries, even on the weekend. His staff is friendly and professional as well. We are lucky to have him managing our building.
Jul 2, 2018
Associa Company
Last week I reported a hole caused by erosion near a bridge in the Bayside Community. I also asked that the overgrowth on the bridge be cut back. Ms. Martone responded immediately thanking me for reporting the issues, and much to my surprise I just watched the crew take care of the hole and clear the bridge area. I understand there are many issues that arise in such a large community, but Ms. Martone’s quick and respectful response to my email and the issue was absolutely perfect. Thank you for the great customer service.

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