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Jun 6, 2019
Associa Company
I want to express my great pleasure of working with Susie Czinger over the past four years. Susie’s strata knowledge and risk management experience has been invaluable to the Pinnacle Point council. Susie’s ability to listen through our debates and step in providing invaluable insight, knowledge of the regulations and provide the council with details to consider providing the council with the tools and insight we need to make our decisions is invaluable. Susie’s frankness, and professional communication style, is highly welcomed when dealing with differences of opinion that do happen with strata councils. Susie’s input, and ability to inject humor at just the right moment, brings back the focus on the topic we are discussing. We have an interesting range of personalities on our council and Susie has the experience to flex her communication to the different styles. This skill is not something everyone possesses and I want to thank Susie for this. Confidentiality is one of Susie’s highest qualities and she always keeps the confidentiality in the forefront with Associa’s and the council’s communications with the owners. Susie’s technical knowledge of building management has impressed me as I have learned the ins and outs of strata management. Susie knows the business! Finally, I want to say it has been a privilege working with Susie!
May 16, 2019
Associa Company
Associa and in particular Bruce has been a huge help. His knowledge about the bylaws and process has been nothing short of great, to the point and most importantly valuable. Navigating council duties and looking after the welfare of our building without the help of Associa would have been a real pain and struggle if it were not for Bruce and his team.
May 9, 2019
Associa Company
Overall very good, however the new Townsquare website is fraught with technical issues and is not nearly as good as the old Associa site.
May 2, 2019
Associa Company
Our strata manager has been my life line as I stepped into the role of president within our strata council. There is such a learning curve, and yet I have been very grateful knowing that David has my back as I deal with issues that need more wisdom than I have experience. He understands my concerns, helps me find the right answers and guides me as I struggle with certain aspects that could make this responsibility overwhelming. I am fortunate to have him as part of this process.
Apr 26, 2019
Google Associa Company
Premium Fence Co partnered with Associa for an educational seminar recently. We really appreciate the approach to clients through education. It provides an unbiased view of options. Thanks for being a great partner!
Associa Company replied on Apr 29, 2019:
Aldermitch, thank you for taking the time to share your experience working with us! We value your feedback and appreciate your review and rating.

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