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Associa Principal Management Group of Houston

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Jan 30, 2020
Associa Company
Dec 5, 2019
Associa Company
Lucia Megia una exelente persona con muy buen servicio al.cliente personas como ella deveria de tener un mejor puesto en su trabajo..ella hace su trabajo siempre tratando de ayudar a las personas muy agradecida con ella Bemdiciones para ella exelente trabajadora
Nov 5, 2019
Associa Company
To whom it may concern: I’m one of the residents in the neighborhood which Melissa has been managing these past 7 years. It’s November, the month of thanks…so I wanted to thank PMG for having the skill and discernment which enabled Melissa Martin’s employment with you. Whom ever selected Melissa to manage our community, you are awesome! Your discernment allows us to have the MOST WONDERFUL community manager! She keeps our high maintenance community running with professionalism, care, and zeal that we don’t deserve. I’ve lived here before she was on board to manage our neighborhood, and after. Night and day difference! It’s not easy having everyone acting like your boss, yet, she does it with a naturalness which astounds me. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have her be our focal point for everything. I don’t think there are many people like her who can handle the bombardment of demands, complaints, (granted, most of our complaints are self-inflicted problems, or unreasonable at best) ideas, while being tugged in the same amount of directions, yet, still keep us running smoothly. She’s not only great at her job, but also humble enough to know the work load for each major task we have. She facilitated, interviewed, and hired two recent additions to our management staff that made our community even better. These ladies are Kristy & Brandi. Under the selection, guidance, and management of Melissa, who takes directions from our board, we have an amazingly productive team. I also wanted to mention, though rather belated, my appreciation of Jennifer Williams who was also part of our community. She was a caring member of our neighborhood. Always going above and beyond to help us. She’s a bright ray of sunshine to our community and a rather GLOOMY day when she announced her promotion. She deserved the promotion! However, I, selfishly, didn’t think she should have said yes to it because it meant her leaving us. At the end of the day, our loss is another community’s gain, and I sincerely HOPE they appreciate her. She’s a GEM! Please recognize these wonderful women you have on your staff. THEY’RE INVALUABLE to the neighborhood which I live and whichever neighborhood Jennifer Williams is, at the moment. Thanks for your time, and cheers. Kim

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We have the services, contacts, technology and know-how to guide you through the real estate sales, leasing and property management process.

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