As of November 1, 2012, Evergreen Management Group outsourced the process by which owners, real estate brokers and lenders request documents needed for sale/purchase and refinance of condominiums. We have taken this step to streamline the constant expediency demands of all involved parties to a condominium sale or refinance as well as address the individual expectations as to the delivery timeline for documents involved in a condominium sale or refinance. The information originates from Evergreen Management Group but the ordering and delivery of the information is done through a company called HomeWisedocs. HomeWisedocs has been providing these services for many years to thousands of property management companies nationwide and it is regarded as a best practice in the industry. But as many people may not yet be familiar with the process, we would like to highlight some important points.

Registering as a New User
To order documents for your transaction you must first go to and sign up as a new user. On the page you are brought to, go to the tab at the top of the page that says "Sign Up". Once you are brought to the registration page it is very important that you select the proper Company Type. This is important because if you are, for example, a homeowner but do not select homeowner as your company type, you will not have access to all the documents you may require. Finish completing the registration and you are all set and ready to order your documents.

Ordering Your Documents

  1. Click on Place New Order
  2. Find the Association you are inquiring about by searching by either Unit Address or Association Name and enter the Association Name, City and State or zip code. At the bottom it is very important that you select the proper type of transaction which is either Purchase, Refinance or Other. Please note that if you are the seller and you are selling your unit, you must select Purchase. Otherwise you will not be able to get all of the documents you need. Purchase refers to the purchase and sale of your unit.
  3. Click search and you will either be given the exact association or a number of associations to choose from. Select the proper association and proceed.
  4. On the next page, choose the documents you are ordering and click continue.
  5. On the next page you have the option of either receiving the standard form questionnaire, FHA or Fannie Mae questionnaire at no additional cost OR if your lender requires, a lender specific questionnaire. HomeWisedocs does specific lender questionnaires for most lenders. If you are being required to get a lender specific questionnaire, select this option and see if your questionnaire is in the list. If you cannot locate, you can contact HomeWisedocs directly and ask if they can process your specific questionnaire. But again, they do provide the majority of questionnaires in use and the chances are good that the one you are requiring is available.
  6. Continue to the next page and fill in all the required information including your phone and email so you may be emailed the documents when your order is complete.

Delivery and Payment — Please pay special attention to this section to avoid any confusion regarding the delivery of the documents that you have ordered.

*All orders will be processed within 10 DAYS from the time of payment unless you request a rush order.

State of Massachusetts Sale/Refinance of a Condominium
For all sales/purchases and refinances in the State of Massachusetts, you will need the ORIGINAL SIGNED AND NOTARIZED 6(D) CERTIFICATE for your closing. Please note that the original 6(d) does not come from HomeWisedocs but instead from The Evergreen Harvard Group. Therefore, once your order is complete, the ORIGINAL 6(d) Certificate will be available for pickup at The Evergreen Harvard Group office. If you want the original 6(d) certificate mailed to you, you MUST CALL Evergreen Management Group at 978-258-2927 or at 603-622-7000. There is an option on this page in HomeWisedocs for receiving a hard copy of your documents either by Overnight delivery, Three Day Standard delivery or CD delivery. These options refer only to the other documents you ordered and NOT to the 6(d) Certificate you may have ordered. This is somewhat confusing but please note again, that this does NOT include delivery of the original 6(d) Certificate. Again, you must contact Evergreen Management Group. If you wish to have the original 6(d) sent to you or you may pick it up in our office.

Help with Placing an Order
On the homepage for HomeWisedocs there is a Contact Us tab with three (3) choices for assistance. Select Technical Support for assistance and any questions you ask will either be answered by HomeWisedocs directly or, if they cannot answer, HomeWisedocs will contact us.


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