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Associa Partners with Uberflip to Launch New “Living Better” Blog

August 01, 2017

Dallas, TX – August 1, 2017 – Associa, the industry’s largest community management company, announces the launch of the new “Living Better” blog for easy access to up-to-date, unique and customized information for employees, communities, residents and board members. 

Associa is partnering with Uberflip, a web-based platform designed to create a personalized content experience for viewers. The “Living Better” blog, along with Uberflip technology, allows visitors to access industry content that matters most to them based on their specific needs and individual interests.

“The Uberflip platform has allowed us to create a captivating and unique experience that engages our communities, residents, board members, developers, and employees — like never before,” stated Matt Kraft, Associa senior vice president of sales & marketing. “Our audiences can customize their content and easily find items and information that they deem useful, which will give them access to the tools they need to build stronger communities.”

The blog features industry related articles, comprehensive eBooks and whitepapers, videos, on-demand webinars, social media posts, sweepstakes and much more. The “roles” tab allows blog visitors to browse content based on their specific duties — whether they are a board member, homeowner or an Associa employee. The “topics” tab allows them to browse the site based on specific types of resources or personalized interests.

“We are excited to be working with Uberflip to make the “Living Better” blog a one-of-a-kind, high-performing and robust resource,” added Kraft. “We look forward to continuing this innovative partnership and improving the viewer’s experience well into the future.”

“We’re honored to have been Associa’s platform of choice for its “Living Better” blog,” stated Randy Frisch, Uberflip’s co-founder and CMO, “even more so knowing that Uberflip is an integral part of Associa’s strategy for building out great experiences for each of their audiences.”

Visit the “Living Better” blog to see the update, or subscribe to get the latest community management insights in your inbox.

With more than 180 branch offices across North America, Associa delivers unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to nearly five million residents worldwide. Our 10,000+ team members lead the industry with unrivaled education, expertise and trailblazing innovation. For more than 40 years, Associa has provided solutions designed to help communities achieve their vision. To learn more, visit www.associaonline.com.

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Living Better Blog

Living Better Blog

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