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Associa Cares Donates Nearly $75,000 in June to Families across United States

July 12, 2016

DALLAS, Texas – July 12, 2016 – In June, Associa Cares, the philanthropic arm of Associa, distributed a combined total of nearly $75,000 in relief funds to families across the country that were in need of assistance following a catastrophe at home such as a flood, fire or tornado.

Associa Cares relies on volunteers from national and local committees to help identify people in both Associa and non-Associa managed communities affected by tragedies.

Below is a list of the Associa companies that helped families in need in their respective areas of the country in June:

  • Houston, Texas - $31,000 went to families throughout the Houston area affected by flooding. The donations were made possible through Houston Community Management Services.
  • Orlando, Florida - $10,000 earmarked to assist families that lost loved ones in the Orlando night club shooting. The donation was made possible through Community Management Professionals.
  • Woodbridge, Virginia - $7,500 total designated to multiple families affected by house fires. The donation was made through Legum & Norman.
  • Temecula, California - $6,000 total went to multiple homeowners that experienced damage and displacement due to a broken hot water main. The donations were made possible through Associa Equity Management & Realty Services.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina - $4,000 total went to multiple families displaced by a Memorial Day fire. The donations were made possible through Associa HRW.
  • Trenton, Michigan – $3,000 total went to multiple tenants whose homes were destroyed by a fire. The donations were made possible through Kramer-Triad Management Group.
  • Houston, Texas - $2,500 went to a family in Houston after they lost both vehicles and many of their belongings due to flooding. The donation was made possible through Colorado Association Services.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina – $2,500 went to a family displaced due to a house fire. The donation was made possible through Associa HRW.
  • Richardson, Texas - $2,500 went to the family of an Associa employee whose home was a total loss after a house fire. The donation was made possible through Associa’s Client Shared Services Center.
  • Palestine, Texas - $2,000 went to a family that was displaced due to flooding in central Texas. The donation was made possible through Associa Mid-Atlantic.
  • San Antonio, Texas - $2,000 went to an elderly couple whose home was destroyed when a car crashed into it. The donation was made possible through Associa Hill Country.
  • San Antonio, Texas - $1,500 went to a mother and son who were displaced after a house fire. The donation was made possible through Associa Hill Country.

“In June we donated our highest dollar amount of the year, and we are proud to do whatever it takes to help families get back on their feet and get through a tough time in their lives,” said Associa Cares President Andrew Fortin. “Each situation was unique, and all were worthy of relief. We hope that these funds can help each recipient start the recovery process sooner than originally planned.”

Associa Cares is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created to assist families and communities in crisis as a result of natural and man-made disasters. Through donations raised from Associa employees and at fundraising events across the country, Associa Cares is able to provide necessary goods and services to the families affected by these types of tragedies. If you know of a family that has been the victim of a natural or man-made disaster, go directly to www.associacares.com to submit a request.

Building and managing successful communities for more than 37 years, Associa is the worldwide leader in community management with over 10,000 employees operating more than 180 branch offices in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Based in Dallas, Texas, our industry expertise, financial strength, and innovation meet the unique needs of clients across the world with customized services and solutions designed to help communities achieve their vision. To learn more about Associa and its charitable organization, Associa Cares, go to www.associaonline.com or www.associacares.com.

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