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Introducing: In the Common Interest: Embracing the New American Community

January 13, 2014

Dallas, TX - Associa’s President and CEO, and community management pioneer, John Carona has published his first book! Titled In the Common Interest: Embracing the New American Community,  the book provides an overview of the history of community associations,  the challenges of governing them, and ways residents can work together  to make communities stronger.

“I wanted to convey to our clients  and our critics the positive aspects and values that make America’s  community associations great,” Carona said.

In the Common Interest  follows the phenomenal growth of community associations and explains  how communities benefit not only residents, but the country at large.  The book takes an in-depth look at the challenges such communities  generate, and the solutions that pave the way for success for all  concerned. Carona also looks at the pros and cons of neighborhood  governance and provides ideas for how boards, managers, and residents  can make them better.

According to the author, the goal of the  book is to provide a vision to ensure the ongoing success of community  associations and provide a positive vision in an area too often plagued  by unfairly negative news coverage.

“Community associations  reflect a fundamental American value of self-governance. I wanted to put  in my two cents in protecting these values for our clients, for our  industry and for our employees.”

In the Common Interest is available onAmazon.com andBarnesandNoble.com.

The  book is unique in that it examines community associations from three  district perspectives. First, it provides an overview of the history of  community associations. This section focuses on how community  associations work, why people move into community associations and why  such communities will continue to thrive. Second, the book sets out a  vision to improve community associations by examining the need for  education, for improving performance, and for helping communities adapt  to changing cultural and regulatory demands. Lastly, the book looks  beyond our national borders to show how community associations are  taking shape around the world and providing adaptive housing for new  homebuyers and for an aging population.

“The best part about  what Associa does is that we work to empower people to govern  themselves,” said Carona. “It remains our biggest asset, and our most  formidable challenge.”

John Carona is the founder of Associa. Building and managing successful communities for more than 35 years, Associa is the worldwide leader in community management with over 9,000 employees operating more than 170 branch offices in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Based in Dallas, Texas, our industry expertise, financial strength, and innovation meet the unique needs of clients across the world with customized services and solutions designed to help communities achieve their vision. To learn more about Associa and its charitable organization, Associa Cares, go to www.associaonline.com or www.associacares.com.

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